Customize Anything

Zazzle doesn't keep stock of their items for sale. Instead, they custom create your item when you order it!  They have customizations built into their system.  There are some items that are preset, such as images that I've uploaded as the designer.  However, if you want, you can sometimes change font colors, move items around and customize wording.  This especially comes into play for items such as wedding invitations and programs!

I'm sharing a few ways that my items on Zazzle can be customized so you can get the exact item you want.  If there are customizations you can't do on your own, please feel free to contact me for a custom item!


How to Customize

There are two ways you can customize this item on Zazzle (this is my Pink Lotus Flower and Navy Stripes Passport Holder).  

  1. On this item, if you want to get more involved look for the customize button.
  2. If you just want to customize your name, you can simply change the name in the box and click order.

Advanced Customization

If you want to be very advanced in your customization, once you hit that blue "customize" button the main item page, you'll be brought here.  The set up is very similar to what the designers see, and you'll be offered many of the same tools we used to design the item!

  1. Off to the right you can see the different objects in this design (note that the stripes and flower are locked into place), and you could edit the text layer easily to a new name, font or color.  
  2. You can add your own images or text to the design.
  3. Pay close attention to the guidelines!  You don't want vital design elements to be outside of the printing area.

Change the Item

See something you like, but it isn't on exactly the right item?  Be sure to check if the design is available on another style. My I'm Getting a Donut T-Shirt is available in 155+ styles, in addition to the flowy t-shirt that is shown in the image.  You also have different color options.